South Yorkshire Way

Two linked Long-Distance Trails.
One Unique County.
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Welcome to The South Yorkshire Way
Two new accessible long distance trails in South Yorkshire.
171 miles around the boundary & 98 miles through the centre - stunning countryside, towns & history.
Whether you undertake either walk in one go, or complete the trails in sections over time, the two routes of the South Yorkshire Way are the perfect introduction to long-distance walking.
Long enough to be a challenge in one big walk, yet never too far away from civilisation - just in case - the South Yorkshire Way eases novice hikers into long-distance walking.

For walkers wanting shorter day walks, the two routes of the South Yorkshire Way provide a mass of 2-8 mile short treks - with public transport options at either end - perfect for car-free days out.

Photo courtesy - Alewhey [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]
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